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How to Exercise Your Luck in Betting Using Proven Methods

There is a truth behind this old saying…

“I would rather be lucky than good”

Luck is what makes the difference in anything one set out to do in life, be it in investment, marriage, career, friendship or any other thing. Gambling is no different; one needs a healthy dose of luck to come out unblemished in the game of betting. Anyone who has spent time and money on www.amazonslots.com will confirm the need for luck in addition to techniques.

Anyone who has had record time in the game of horse betting, casinos, poker, lottery, blackjack, car racing would agree with me that luck is the key factors on needs to make a living.

Some people seem to have a healthier dose of luck than others and endorse the fact that luck is far better than being good.

How possible is that?

Good luck will see you through almost anything even when you’re on the brink of death. No matter how bad your situation may appear, you will somehow come out shining like a star if you have good luck.

Most people have believed that one cannot change or influence destiny or the amount of luck he/she has, but that may be a bit different. Science has illustrated over time that some people win more and lose less at certain times in their lives.  

Professor Dean Radin, in his book “The Conscious Universe” conducted a study to ascertain the correlation between the strength of the earth’s geomagnetic fields, the phases of the moon and casino payout percentages. He took a four-year data from a casino and analyzed the results.

In his study, he discovered that at the period of a full moon, the earth’s geomagnetic field is at its weakest. Professor Dean Radin further saw a relative connection amongst the moon, the earth’s geomagnetic fields, human’s psychological ability and the game of gambling.

Professor Dean Radin mentioned in his book that people seem to have more psychological abilities during the full moon months; their abilities weaken supposedly during quarter moons and surges again when there is a new moon.

The interplay in psychological ability seems to be controlled by luck considering the data collected for the four-year period. Professor Dean Radin discovered that payouts increased during the full moon periods and decreased at other periods.

Possibly, our intuition does help us win, or psychological powers give us an advantage, whether it’s knowing when to punch a 17 on the blackjack table, selecting the right slot machine that is just gearing up to pay out, betting on the right horse that will win the race. Betting requires a lot of intuition and betters can use it to their advantage.

Professor Dean Radin arrived at this conclusion, if gamblers truly understood the external forces that control seasons and times; they know when to stake their monies to gamble. Now stating this result clearly, if casinos are avoided during the quarter moons, their losses will be reduced and on the flipside, if they play during the full moon, they will most likely make decent profits.

This is just a general conclusion on the study and should not be taken as an assurance to gamble.

It’s would interest you to know that lotteries display a different trend.  It may seem that some lotteries pay out more than some others, for example, the pick 3 style lotteries pay out more during the quarter moon and pays less during the full moon.

The variations in the magnetic fields are also responsible for this; it claimed to have an effect.  As stated earlier that this is not a general conclusion, understanding the intensity of magnetic fields of the earth and the phases of the moon may not guarantee your winning, it’s still advisable to know the days in your calendar for possible winnings and start marking them in line with the phases of the moon.

Some other studies have shown that people with positive winning attitudes usually win; they win most of the time. That have been proven to be true and it makes a lot of sense.

If you go to play casino and you expect to win and your attitude reflects it, you most likely will win. The positive vibes attract winnings to you.

For example, you walk into a casino expecting to lose and you look for a blackjack table, you wouldn’t be too choosy on the blackjack table to play at. But if you’re hopeful in winning, you take your time and pick a table perhaps a table that has smiling faces or a table that recorded more winnings for the day.

Our attitude influences our choices, we make a lot of choices every day and it had a lot of impact on the outcome of our lives. Betting is not different, you attitude, luck or fortune influences your lot in life.

You may act subconsciously but all actions still sum up to a win or a loss for that day. We make a lot of choices every day and each one takes us closer to our goals or farther away from it.

In conclusion

I would advise that you watch the phases of the moon and keep track of your winnings and losses. A positive attitude makes the difference.

If you feel optimistic about a certain game and you expect to win having considered the earth’s geomagnetic fields and the phases of the moon, it may be a good day to take that chance, however, if you’re skeptical, it would advise you keep your money for another day.